to Succeed

Presentation is KEY

Search for those sparks that will ignite a fire in your soul to find purpose in the days given to you by God.

Hello, my name is Kathleen. I’m a freelance creative designer motivated to help businesses succeed. 

As a former Events Coordinator for over 11 years in the senior living industry, I found that the KEY to my SUCCESS was PRESENTATION! 

Bringing clean, simple, creative design to my marketing materials played a crucial role in getting people to attend my planned activities. 

Flyers, weekly newsletters, mass emails, social media posts, itineraries, and brochures needed to be eye-catching, reader-friendly, and especially pleasing to get large numbers to attend.

Seeing people sign up to attend my events with excitement because of my creative presentation brought me great JOY! 

To see businesses succeed because of my creative skills brings me the same JOY!

My goal is to offer my customers the same ATTENTION to DETAIL that I gave to enriching the lives of the elderly. 

Helping others succeed IGNITES a SPARK in my soul and gives me PURPOSE in the days given to me by GOD.

I look forward to doing business with you!